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Friction Stir Welding (FSW)

As a global team, Cooljag is prepared to work with total cooling system providers to develop components state-side for pilot production and then move into full scale, high-volume production overseas.


Cooljag is a renowned manufacturer of cooling devices specialized in the "skiving" technology. Since in the year 2001, Cooljag has ventured and advanced in the field of skiving and has become a leader in mastering .


CoolJag has a library of extrusions to fit over 90% of today's power electronics. If it's not in our library, we can design and manufacture custom extrusions quickly and cost-effectively. Extrusions are not just for high volume anymore.

Stacked fin

Stacked heat sinks are formed by using a high pressure to press single fins, multiple fins, and single extrusions together into a stacked heat sink.

CNC Machining

CoolJag houses an extensive range of CNC machining centers in order to produce the high precision parts required for the products that we build. These include horizontal & vertical mills, friction stir, skiving, lathes and 5-axis. We have not encountered a part that we can’t make!


One expertise of CoolJag in our liquid cooling toolbox is that of custom castings. Leveraging our rapid prototyping capabilities along with thermal engineering, we create custom castings for high-volume, consistent performance, liquid cold plate solutions.

FSW and High Frequency Welding

Friction welding is a solid state joining process which can be used to join a number of different metals. Friction welding achieves 100 per cent metal-to-metal joints, giving parent metal properties. It is the only joining process to do this. No addition material or fillers are required and there are no emissions from the process.

Quality Assurance And Testing

CoolJag is 100% committed to quality & continuous improvement. We have a well-equipped quality assurance laboratory including: Video Comparator, CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine), Digital Microscope w/Metallography, calipers, micrometers, & fixed gauges. For all finished cold plates, we have a pressure testing center. Our mass production facilities are ISO 9001 registered.

Cooljag is committed to quality and continuous improvement

To test real-world test Skiving channel geometries, we have developed and built a test cell where we can control temperatures, pressures, and flow rates. As a result, we can compare physical component thermal performance with theoretical or modeled geometries.

Cooljag utilizes Statistical Process Control (SPC), lean manufacturing tools and the latest measurement instruments, such as CMMs and video comparators in our manufacturing processes.  All volume production routinely meets RoHS requirements.